B-Station Ampang Korea Town

Assalamualaikum & Hello peeps!
I'm in the midst of depression as I'll start the fourth semester as a TESL student. I'm not ready and IF I'M READY, I HOPE SEMESTER 4 ENDS IN A SNAPPLE yes please. Ok for now I'm going to share about a Korean restaurant or cafe? that I went yesterday with my two monkeys babies in Ampang. Of course we had searched about B-Station beforehand, mesmerized by their white homey concept that seems so peaceful.

We barely visit Ampang so, we had a problem reaching that restaurant. This restaurant is located in Ampang Korean Town, lots of Korean restaurants in that area, all about Korea. Just a stone throw away from Ampang Point, reachable by foot. I really like their interior, very cute and white except the fact that it seems crowded and they played random lullaby songs or musics, perhaps to make the ambience sounds tranquil and calm? Really a homelike restaurant. However I deeply prefer Sweetree Restaurant over B-Station.

Luckily Tteokbokki Cheese (RM15) that I ordered, tastes good because the rice cake is chewy and the sauce is slightly spicy which I like! It pretty suits my taste bud and I ordered Kiwi Smoothie (RM8.20) that is not that sour, slightly tasteless but just nice. Atikah ordered Ramen Tteokbokki Cheese (RM18), she likes it and Mixed Fruit Smoothie (RM8.50) for her beverage. Yana on the other hand, chose Seafood Ramen (RM13.50) and Apple Juice (RM6.80). Yana said that the Seafood Ramen was tasteless but she managed to finish it as usual, she is a small girl with a wide range of tummy :') We also shared Belgian Waffle (RM8.80) that we didn't manage to finish it even half! It is horrible for us, I don't know if others might say it tastes good. But Belgian Waffle is a no from us. Not forget to mention that B-Station applies service charge (10%) and GST of course. If you asked me an honest comment about B-Station, I would say you should try it, feel the ambience itself, taste their food yourself, maybe it fits you best? See you.

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