[Boyfriend] Jo Twins - Youngmin Kwangmin Facts

1. Youngmin have eyes bigger than Kwangmin
2. Youngmin always wash his hands when he was stress
3. Kwangmin sound a little deeper than Youngmin voice when talking
4. Youngmin 6 minutes older than Kwangmin
5. Youngmin love to be in camera, unlike Kwangmin that shy and no many parts in camera
6. Kwangmin is clumsier than Youngmin
7. Youngmin very impressive, but he is very scary when angry
8. Youngmin definitely wake up if Minwoo waking him up with all his cuteness
9. Youngmin and Kwangmin make the same mistake in their first training
10. Youngmin is the most sensitive among members
11. Once Youngmin get or have something, he could be autistic
12. Youngmin is the King of Charisma according to his fans
13. The fans call Youngmin, Greedy of Screen Time. Why? Because he appeared most frequently in Boyfriend music video
14. When youngmin have the desire, he can focus on his wish
15. JoTwins obviously has a different personality. Youngmin is cool while Kwangmin is full of cheer
16. Kwangmin want to have blond hair like Youngmin but the agency told that fans will get confuse if they have the same hair color
17. According to member, Kwangmin is hyper-extreme (active) , but his twins, Youngmin is lazy
18. Youngmin is the most choosy among member
19. Kwangmin similar to Pikachu
20. Jo Twins really like to make jokes but usually their jokes are not funny
21. Kwangmin have a 4D's personalities so some say that he is included in Heechul's line
22. Kwangmin really loves Pokemon. Idol that he likes is Pikachu
23. Kwangmin is so nice. He likes sharing.
24. Jo Twins can cry easily especially after they did any mistake
25. Kwangmin said, “I am young but my body is old”
26. Jo Twins can't wink for just one eyes. If they're wink, both of their eyes will wink in the same time :
**i faint** 
27. Youngmin said that his charisma disappear after shooting Boyfriend music video
28. Many said that Jo Twins look like Kim Hyun Joong
29. During photoshoot, Kwangmin have to shoot with an expensive dog. Kwangmin got nervous because he is scared something bad will happen to the dog
30. Youngmin is the prettiest among member, right ?
31. If Youngmin is seriously nervous, he can't speak very well.
32. Jo Twins like snail.
33. Youngmin tired easily.
34. Youngmin has a long face compared to Kwangmin.
35. If Kwangmin forgot any dance step, he'll go to get Min Woo.
36. Jo Twins has a younger brother, Jo Hyunmin <--- FAKE --" just know about that. sorry
37. Kwangmin is bad in atmosphere knowledge.
38. Jeongmin said that Kwangmin is "Dol+1" (4D)
39. There are star on Jo Twins signature :
40. Jo Twins have the same sleep pose / position :

41. Youngmin can't drawing.
42. According to some of the Member of Boyfriend Youngmin moves slow. And he is naughty when He sleeps, and so Hyunseong and His Brother Kwangmin Have to wake him up~ Youngmin also mention that It’s hard to wake him up~ Even though His standing his still sleeping !
43. When they were kids, youngmin and kwangmin did everything together.
44. Young Min likes to lay around rolling here and there on the bed, KwangMin and Hyun Seong had to wake him up
45. Youngmin want to be the type of boyfriend that is….. serious when the situation is serious and be funny when joking.
46. Kwangmin want to be the type of boyfriend who cares for his lover silently.
47.  Kwangmin aparently dislikes hairspray because he forgets to close his mouth and eyes
48. Youngmins favourite color is Yellow whilst Kwangmin likes Blue
49. They each had their first kiss stolen by a noona
50. Both twins are right handed
51. Youngmin loves Kwangmin because he’s always happy. Kwangmin loves Youngmin because he thinks he’s the prettiest out of all the members
52. Kwangmin once got wounded when Youngmin pinched him during one of their CF shooting
53. When fans asked Kwangmin why he liked Pikachu he replied “Because he is Yellow. And he goes Pika Pi Pikachu”


  1. thanks for the post! suke sangatt . (!)

  2. mata youngmin macam mata taemin,shinee kan?tak sepet..hakhakhakhak........apew lagu best boyfriend yew?

  3. @TiniElf., i post this because i like them too <3 welcome (!)

  4. @aiman fanboy k-pop, mate jo twins ni memang bolat. like it ! same la gak cam taemin ^.^ kalau lagu boyfriend, nabilah suke water floor + boyfriend sbb tu je la lagu diorg nabilah tawu. LOL. maknenye, sume lagu diorg best.

  5. ahhhhhhhhh! kwangmin-oppa yang chumell.

  6. @milkywhite, kyaaa~! nabilah pon minat kwangmin oppa sbb dia cool + comel jugee :D

  7. napa ramai orang suka Youngmin ek? bukan ke Kwangmin lagi hot, handsome, cute, funny etc. haha :3 apa-apa pun, Kwangmin saranghae~

  8. @zulaikha95, don't know. maybe sbb youngmin lagi comel tapi i prefer kwangmin sbb dia cool <3

  9. totally,saya suka kwangmin punya personaliti :) jo twins daebak :D

  10. @shazwana (:, triple totally I LOVE KWANGMIN XD

  11. aigooo~ jo twins kyeopta!!! like it!! ppyong~

  12. I cannot prefer Youngmin or Kwangmin because I really2 love them..I don't want to prefer because the two of them just same..I don't like to prefer them just like the other people..the other people prefer by to look at Jo Twins face..I don't like to prefer one of Jo Twins because Youngmin and Kwangmin are really2 hot,handsome,cute,perfect and good boy..Jo Twins are just same..I have hear from many people that some like Youngmin more than Kwangmin..and some more like Kwangmin more than Youngmin..please just like the two of them..please don't prefer them just by looking at their face..they are just same to me..don't be mad and angry with what have I written..^_^.. Jo Twins always the cutey ~! <3

    1. I dont blame you i like both of them the same but i prefer youngmin because we are just alike while my twin jennifer prefers kwangmin because they are alike.

  13. 29. I think it Youngmin, rite ?
    36. Hyunmin is their bro :))

  14. @Kim Love Jo Twins, wow. i'm absolutely agree ! keke #speechless, love you comments ^^ but still, i choose Kwangmin for his coolness <3 whaterver happens, they're Jo Twins and i love both of them :D

  15. @Anonymous, no. 29 ? don't know. i just help to translate it. i'll search about it later ^^
    no.36 ? omo ! my mistake #shame -.-
    thanks !

  16. @Anonymous, ohemgee, how could i didn't notice that XD
    will change it soon -.-

  17. Hye !! Please answer my post.. ^^ Where did you get this cursor from ??Please tell me !! I really need it.. >.<

  18. @Royal SweetHeartstake a look @ http://cadburrylicious.blogspot.com/2011/07/freebies-mustache-cursor.html or u can find it @google by serching, freebies moustache cursor ^^,

  19. omonaa >< neomu chowa Jo Twins <3
    i like these fact , esp Kwangmin's :)

  20. aww!i like those facts!kwangmin and me have same fav colour!i also blue lovers!and i also not expected that they had a little brother...Hyunmin also cute as his twin brothers!XD
    btw,thanks for posting those facts!:)

  21. tengkiu coz post about jotwins...i really love them especially youngmin. saranghae youngmin.

  22. aigoooo....so cute...i am 12...hahaha i'm too young for them....

  23. They're just amazing ♥

  24. WTF that's not hyunmin, that's "insertbiasname"'s little brother. People stop taking pictures of her little brother and saying he's hyunmin

    Hyunmin is 14 years old, why the fuck would you think that's hyunmin?

  25. it's just Kwangminnie that can't wink, Youngmin can wink.. and yeah, that's not Hyunmin. He is someone's younger brother. and that boy adore Jo Twins too :)

  26. hmm , btw they a lot some mistakes about the jotwins facts . but , i really love jotwins ! ignore about the facts ! both of them totally in my heart ! jotwins daebak !! xDDD

  27. @Anonymous, jyeah . they can call you dongsaeng then ^^

  28. @Anonymous, LOL . really ? ah, i should found more bout them and not the fake one . sorry btw ~
    found it on google & just post it . ah, fool --"

  29. @Anonymous, oh really ? i got it wrong facts --" ughh . Youngmin can wink ? ok . thanks

  30. Youngmin is just like me xD hehehe. Btw ilovekwangmin's personality xD . Jo twins daebak!!!! <3

  31. I Love Youngmin Very much,,,....

  32. what song is Bubble Tea? please send the singer to me! I can't stop listening to it!!!

  33. What song is bubble tea?? please tell me the singer and song title!!! :) I can't stop listening to it!

  34. Kwangmin-dark haired, twin, clumsy,tall, hyper, youngest, and shy
    Jennifer-dark haired, twin, clumsy, short, hyper, oldest, and shy
    Youngmin-Blondish hair, twin, sensative, tall, big eyes, and oldest
    Kaytlyn (A.K.A Jennifer's twin)-Blondish hair, twin, sensative, short, big eyes, and youngest.
    Also me and my twin like to make people laugh but we are horrible at making jokes so we get them off google lol also we cant stay mad at each other what a coincidence:)

  35. what song is bubble tea where therer is a girl singing and a boy rapping

  36. Uh, there's a mistake! Youngmin was the one who had to take pictures with the expensive dog, NOT Kwangmin. Refer to MPick! Boyfriend episode 1.

  37. Is this accurate? Cuz I think youngmin is taller and kwangmin gets more screen time on shows and is usually the main character for their mv's... Also I heard Kwangmin was cool and Youngmin is more cheerful...

  38. Is this accurate? Cuz I think Youngmin is taller,and Kwangmin gets more screen time in shows and is usually the main in their mv's... Also, I'm pretty sure Youngmin is the cheerful one while Kwangmin is more cool...

  39. hello...what is the song playing on your blog? thank you! :)

  40. what is the song playing on your blog? its different than last time

  41. Who loves Pikachu? Youngmin or Kwangmin.Sorry Im just confused..and thanks for the facts...I appreciate it..

  42. @Ivy Dionela , Kwangmin love Pikachu


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