[MY STYLE] Tutorial Making Gif Photo Using Photoscape

Assalammua'laikum , Annyeonghaseyo :)
You must be interested learning on how to make a Gif right ? What is Gif ? Gif is a moving photo captured from any video. Example,

I learnt creating Gif by myself. I figure it out by myself so I'm making this tutorial based on my way. Maybe there is other easy way ? You can sign in using Gifsoup.com or you can learn from Qay's tutorial. I'm not interested with "sign in" account. keke. so I manage to use Photoscape. Let's go on with the step. Make sure you have Photoscape software. You can download it here >PHOTOSCAPE< . Then open it. Before that, make sure you've open a video that you want and don't forget to pause at the part you want.

1. Click Screen Capture.

2. When you click it, a windows will appear like below. Click "capture window" .

3. When you click it, the video that you want to capture will appear automatically. So just click at the video. I think, don't open your video using GomPlayer. It might not work. Open your video using RealPlayer. 

4. After you've captured the video, it will directed to Editor. You can edit it whatever, then Save.

5. Repeat step 1 to 4 till the part you want it to end. Understand ? erghh, I'm a bit hard to explain this one. I've told you to pause at the part you want right ? when you've captured and save the first part, play the video and pause it again. You know what I mean ? I hope so.

6. When all part that you want captured, you can start to make a gif. How ? Open photoscape, click Animated Gif.

7. Below will appear ,

8. You can see your folder on the left side. So click the folder where you have save the captured part just now. Then, drag photo one by one to the center where it wrote "Drag Your Photo Here" . If you can see, I've mark some red circle at the pics above. That is the important things. You can change the time to slide, size of your Gif, change effect. Then, click SAVE button on the top right to save your gif. 

Best of luck ! Hope my tutorial might help. To Malaysian, if you don't really understand my bad english, you can ask me using Malay language. I'm making this tutorial in english because it might be helpful for anyone from any countries. Yea, making this gif using my style really need more patient LOL ;)

Above is one of my work. of course, I'll only make Sungyeol's Gif after this maybe ? Fyi, my first Gif that I created is Jeongmin of Boyfriend. Take a look here. My work are not as good as yours. I'm trying to improve it too. Insya-Allah ~