TUTORIAL PHOTOSCAPE - Making Angst Fanfic's Cover



Buka software Photoscape. Pilih EDITOR . Nampak tak button 'MENU' kat belah kanan atas? Klik button tu dan klik 'NEW PHOTO

Akan ada 1 window appear. Set WIDTH + HEIGHT ikut kesukaan.

Tapi untuk cover kawan aku ni, aku terus buat texture. Kalau korang nak guna texture/background yang korang dapat dari Google or mana-mana web, terus klik backgorund tu dari folder komputer korang. Pilih kat belah kiri tu. Kan ada senarai folder.

Step seterusnya, nak masukkan gambar pelakon. Klik icon macam bawah ni dan pilih PHOTO! Korang pilih lah gambar pelakon dari folder komputer. Bila dah pilih, ubah posisi gambar watak tu ikut suka hati. 

Ohya, aku nasihatkan korang pilihlah gambar yang tak penuh sangat dan ngam-ngam saiz watak korang. Contoh gambar bawah ni :

Gambarnya tak perlulah banyak background sangat sebab Photoscape tak boleh TRANSPARENT kan gambar. Lainlah kalau korang ada GIMP2, at least boleh buat gambar transparent. 

Dah set posisi gambar? Ok sekarang klik 'PHOTO + OBJECTS' macam gambar bawah ni. Kadang-kadang ada 1 window appear. Tick 'Combine your photos with objects'

Sekarang adalah part yang paling susah aku nak explain. Ambil perhatian. Disebabkan Photoscape tak boleh transparent gambar, aku guna cara ni untuk buang background gambar watak yang korang add tadi. Macam gambar bawah ni. Klik 'TOOLS'. Pilih 'CLONE STAMP'. 

Kalau nak tambah gambar watak lain, pastikan gambar tu tak bertindih dengan gambar watak pertama. Setiap kali korang tambah gambar, tekan 'PHOTOS + OBJECTS'.

Then, korang tambah lah apa-apa yang korang nak dalam cover tu. Macam cover untuk kawan aku ni, aku tambah gambar Origami sebab ceritanya pasal Origami. Kiranya step ni ikut kreativiti korang.

Dah tambah text atau apa-apa sampai puas, korang boleh save cover tu. Klik SAVE.

Kalau ada 1 window appear macam bawah ni, klik 'NO'. 

[KPOP] MYNAME fun facts

Lee Gunwoo

  • He feels sad when he is alone.
  • He likes unique style in clothes.
  • He doesn't using the computer according to Insoo.
  • His ideal girl is a tall girl.
  • Gunwoo & Insoo took 5 months to get close.

Kim Seyong

  • He’s the center, rapper and main dancer of the group.
  • He appeared in KBS’ Drama “I Believe in Love/My Love, My Family” in 2011.
  • He appeared in Dream Team Season 2 Ep. 96: “Rookies Special” with Insoo.
  • He was featured in Hwanhee’s MV “Love Pain/I Feel Like Dying” and he was one of the back-up dancers.
  • He rapped in Hwanhee’s “Love you, Love you” song.
  • He was a trainee at JYP Entertainment and trained with famous idols such as 2PM, 2AM and miss A.
  • He studied with Karam from The BOSS in high school.
  • He’s from Busan. Thus, he tends to speak in busan dialect a lot, to the point the members are tired of it.
  • His trainee period was the longest. He trained for 5 years and 9 months.
  • He dreamt of becoming a soccer player. He played for 8-9 years.
  • He also wanted to be an actor and he entered Seoul University of Fine Arts as an acting major.
  • He sucks his thumb while sleeping.
  • He’s the only one in the group that doesn’t wear earrings. His ears aren’t even pierced.
  • He’s a christian.
  • He gets eye wrinkles everytime he smiles.
  • He has a lot of confidence and is always thinking that he is ready.
  • He says he can get close to people in a day.
  • He loves skinship and he’s always hitting maknae Chaejin.
  • He wants a woman that treats his parents well and his ideal type is Kim Sarang.
  • He really really really really hates losing. (he said so himself here) He even shed tears after being eliminated by ZE:A’s Dongjun in a race for the final 2 in Dream Team.
  • He says his personality is like a variety show, his confidence is his weapon, and he is humorous despite his coldness which defines a man.
  • He put his first paycheck after his first broadcast straight into his parents’ bank account.
  • He wants to hear nicknames such as Perfect Idol, Aggressive Seyong, Cutie Seyong, Chic Seyong, and he’s already referenced as bipolar amongst fans.
  • He thinks his personal charm is his animated personality.

cr ; kimseyong@tumblr

Kang Insoo
  • He was a Superstar K2 contestant.
  • According to Seyong, Insoo's dancing is very powerful.
  • Gunwoo thinks that Insoo can sound sorrowful when he sings.
  • He has a lot of desire on singing.
  • His ideal type girl is an innocent girl.
  • Insoo, a dance graduate from Sejong University and a skillful ballerino, has won many awards from various university dance concours.
  • He is also known as "muscular omma" (during ta-dah its MYNAME).

Kang Joon Kyu (Jun.Q)
  • The head of department at H2 Media thinks that Jun.Q will have the most fangirls.
  • He used to play bass and electric guitar in a band from 1st year to 3rd year in middle school.
  • He doesn't think that he and Lee Seung Gi look alike.
  • He is Ji Ae's friend in "Infinite You Are My Oppa" show.
  • Lunch break is Jun.Q's favorite time.
  • His nicknames are  Steady JunQ, Fantastic JunQ, Awesome JunQ and Camel.
  • He was the student body president in elementary school and a textbook model.
  • His ideal girl is an innocent girl and slim with a fair face.
  • He loves eating dumplings.
  • He has modeled since his second year of middle school

ChaeJin Seok
  • He doesn't mind if the group didn't dance and just sing.
  • His smile is innocent and bright.
  • He goes to the same school as A Pink's Na Eun, Nam Joo, Yoo Kyung, Boyfriend's Youngmin, Kwangmin & Minwoo, B1A4's Gongchan and After School's Lizzy.
  • He said that he is good in smiling, that's why he always smile.
  • He likes acting classes.
  • According to Gunwoo, Chaejin says a lot of rubbish when he sleeps.
  • Chaejin’s ideal girl is a girl with a bright smile.