[KPOP] MYNAME fun facts

Lee Gunwoo

  • He feels sad when he is alone.
  • He likes unique style in clothes.
  • He doesn't using the computer according to Insoo.
  • His ideal girl is a tall girl.
  • Gunwoo & Insoo took 5 months to get close.

Kim Seyong

  • He’s the center, rapper and main dancer of the group.
  • He appeared in KBS’ Drama “I Believe in Love/My Love, My Family” in 2011.
  • He appeared in Dream Team Season 2 Ep. 96: “Rookies Special” with Insoo.
  • He was featured in Hwanhee’s MV “Love Pain/I Feel Like Dying” and he was one of the back-up dancers.
  • He rapped in Hwanhee’s “Love you, Love you” song.
  • He was a trainee at JYP Entertainment and trained with famous idols such as 2PM, 2AM and miss A.
  • He studied with Karam from The BOSS in high school.
  • He’s from Busan. Thus, he tends to speak in busan dialect a lot, to the point the members are tired of it.
  • His trainee period was the longest. He trained for 5 years and 9 months.
  • He dreamt of becoming a soccer player. He played for 8-9 years.
  • He also wanted to be an actor and he entered Seoul University of Fine Arts as an acting major.
  • He sucks his thumb while sleeping.
  • He’s the only one in the group that doesn’t wear earrings. His ears aren’t even pierced.
  • He’s a christian.
  • He gets eye wrinkles everytime he smiles.
  • He has a lot of confidence and is always thinking that he is ready.
  • He says he can get close to people in a day.
  • He loves skinship and he’s always hitting maknae Chaejin.
  • He wants a woman that treats his parents well and his ideal type is Kim Sarang.
  • He really really really really hates losing. (he said so himself here) He even shed tears after being eliminated by ZE:A’s Dongjun in a race for the final 2 in Dream Team.
  • He says his personality is like a variety show, his confidence is his weapon, and he is humorous despite his coldness which defines a man.
  • He put his first paycheck after his first broadcast straight into his parents’ bank account.
  • He wants to hear nicknames such as Perfect Idol, Aggressive Seyong, Cutie Seyong, Chic Seyong, and he’s already referenced as bipolar amongst fans.
  • He thinks his personal charm is his animated personality.

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Kang Insoo
  • He was a Superstar K2 contestant.
  • According to Seyong, Insoo's dancing is very powerful.
  • Gunwoo thinks that Insoo can sound sorrowful when he sings.
  • He has a lot of desire on singing.
  • His ideal type girl is an innocent girl.
  • Insoo, a dance graduate from Sejong University and a skillful ballerino, has won many awards from various university dance concours.
  • He is also known as "muscular omma" (during ta-dah its MYNAME).

Kang Joon Kyu (Jun.Q)
  • The head of department at H2 Media thinks that Jun.Q will have the most fangirls.
  • He used to play bass and electric guitar in a band from 1st year to 3rd year in middle school.
  • He doesn't think that he and Lee Seung Gi look alike.
  • He is Ji Ae's friend in "Infinite You Are My Oppa" show.
  • Lunch break is Jun.Q's favorite time.
  • His nicknames are  Steady JunQ, Fantastic JunQ, Awesome JunQ and Camel.
  • He was the student body president in elementary school and a textbook model.
  • His ideal girl is an innocent girl and slim with a fair face.
  • He loves eating dumplings.
  • He has modeled since his second year of middle school

ChaeJin Seok
  • He doesn't mind if the group didn't dance and just sing.
  • His smile is innocent and bright.
  • He goes to the same school as A Pink's Na Eun, Nam Joo, Yoo Kyung, Boyfriend's Youngmin, Kwangmin & Minwoo, B1A4's Gongchan and After School's Lizzy.
  • He said that he is good in smiling, that's why he always smile.
  • He likes acting classes.
  • According to Gunwoo, Chaejin says a lot of rubbish when he sleeps.
  • Chaejin’s ideal girl is a girl with a bright smile.


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