Tutorial Photoscape - Simple Graphic / Poster using Linear Gradient


1. Open your photo. Set width and height as you want.
2. Click "Object", then click "Color Picker" because I'm going to make linear gradient for this graphic so of course I'll choose color that match the background of the photo.

3. Pick any color from the photo, do what I did like below Lol. Click "More Colors..." . Then, "Add to Custom Colors", OK.

4. Now click Home > Filter > Linear Gradient.

5. Choose color that you've pick just now by clicking "More Colors..." .

6. Adjust Range and Margin as you like.

 7. Edit your photo as you want. I'd always put line texture on my photo. If you want to add any texture, just click Object > add Photo. You're done.

BBSM sekolah aku racist Lol

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