Why I ship Jaehyo with Naeun ?

It all started when I found a post saying that Jaehyo likes Naeun. So I decided to find the proof for that statement Lol. I googled Nahyo and mostly found about nahyo from Tumblr. Ya know, Tumblr is the best source Lolol. Block B and APink once met in Younha's Starry Night. Block B members were asked which APink's member were their favorite so Jaehyo answered Naeun. APink also were asked which Block B members were their favorite but their manager told them to answer 'I don't know'. I think, if APink's members got a chance to answer it, maybe Naeun will probably answer Jaehyo ? Lol because Naeun likes a guy with manly personality, honest and bad boys.

Before, I'm myungeun shipper because Myungsoo and Naeun have so much in common that I think they're match for each other but when I knew about nahyo, my myungeun feels started to fade away Lol plus Myungsoo get paired with various girl and Naeun got haters because of myungeun. So I think it's better to ship nahyo. At least I think nahyo are real haha. I also think that BBC are the coolest fandom. I read an article about Jaehyo saying that he was a trainee for B2ST but eventually had to give up due to his knee accident. Woah if Jaehyo is one of B2ST's member, there will be a bunch of nahyo's moment ;A; but still I like Jaehyo in Block B. Block B, stay strong with cool BBC ;~;

Credit FYSNE

Sorry for the grammar error. English is not my main language ._.

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