[Photoshop + Photoscape] Tutorial GIF Graphics

something like this

1. Start adding text one by one.

2. Indicates layer visibility / click on eyes symbol on all text except the first text.

3. Save the layer which only have the first text.
4. Click eyes symbol on the second text to make it visible again. Save the second layer as the third layer of your GIFs. 

5. Select the second text, click Filter > Blur > Motion Blur. When the text blurred, I move the text a little bit to the left. Lol. Now, save the layer as the second layer of your GIFs.

6. Repeat steps 4 - 5 on the next text till you done.

Making GIFs
I obviously don't know how to combine layer become animated GIF using Photoshop even I've look on many tutorials. I still don't get it Lol so I use Photoscape to combine all layer become GIFs. Simply click on Animated GIF, then drag all layer. Change time as you like. Done. Good luck !

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