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First, I should be mad at school for doing examination on Chorong's birthday month sobs. It is important for me to study, of course. Though I love the most dorky leader, Park Chorong. I still have to abandon her for a while. Sad to say that me as a huge Panda of her, didn't prepare anything for her. It is all because of exam. Even the trending on twitter, I think I couldn't join other cute Panda to do so sobs.

Dear Shikshin leader of APink,
       “Don’t start if you know you’re going to give up !

First of all, I would like to thanks you for debuting as APink's kiddo leader. "Thank you" these few words is what I'd like to say, even though they are simple. Your friendliness and bright smile, your effort and your hard work. You honestly have to be one of the most precious human beings I have ever had the pleasure of being a fan. Whenever you do something, you are the biggest bundle of cute even you're far way older than me Lol. Thanks for making Panda like me smile, laugh and honestly, give me so much happiness. I don't even know how you do it. Keep eating good food, chicken feet is okay actually Lol. Park Chorong, please keep smiling and being speaker of APink. I just want you to be healthy and for everything to be ok for yourself and APink ! May you continue on your way to being the best you can possibly be. As long as you continue to supply us with love, we’ll be sure to do the same. Hope I can meet you one day. Happy birthday to you, our sweet and bubbly, Rong Leadah ♡

Rongmama and Professional Driver Park Chorong's birthday will be here on 3th of March. 

To celebrate this special event, we will be trending for her on twitter. Following are the details : 

Topic To Be Trended : 
Trending Duration : 
3/3 12:00AM KST - 1159PM KST (GMT+9) 
Spread the word and lets trend for this special day ^^

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