[GUIDE] Creating Trailer using Windows Live Movie Maker


Google 'install windows live movie maker' to install WLMM.
This is only a simple guide. Very very very simple and basic guide.

1. Adding video, music, etc.
  •  Home > simply click 'Add videos and photos' or anything that you want to add. As for me, the first step I'll do when making a trailer is adding video. WLMM only support MP4 and FLV file. MP4 file is more HD than FLV maybe Lol. How to download video in MP4 ? Click here.

  •  After adding video, I'll add background music. Click 'Add music'.

2. Cut video to some part.
  •  Click at any part / point that you want as starter and then right click. Choose 'Set start point'. Means, you have cut that part as the starter point. 

  •  To cut the part as end point, choose any part / point and then right click. Choose 'Set end point'.

3. Cut background music.
  •  Click on the background music as below and then right click at any part / point. Set start and end point. Same like cut the video just now.

4. Video transition / animation.
  •  Usually I'll use animations from one part to another. I like to use Blur - through black animations. Click animations and choose any transitions and adjust duration as you like.

5. Video volume.
  •  When you're making a trailer, you'll insert a background music so you have to mute the video volume to let only music volume heard Lol ayat aku hentam.
  •  How to mute the video volume ? Click Video Tools > Edit > Video volume > Mute
  •  For music tools, you can adjust them as you like by clicking Music Tools > Options. Try and error okay.

6. Adding watermark.
  •  Home > Add caption > adjust the position as you like. Click Text Tools > Format > Text duration to shorten / lengthen the watermark. I think the maximum duration is 30 seconds so to lengthen the text duration, just right click on the text and copy. Paste anywhere. Try and error because you can preview them, right.

7. Save the video.
  •  Movie maker > Save movie > For computer. Wait and you're done. OR you can save your current work by clicking Ctrl + S. Means, you can continue your video anytime you want.

Ada sebab tau aku buat tutorial dalam english, bukan bajet kepe. Grammar hancur okay fine kalau tak faham tanya haha. Ekceli kalau explore WLMM, macam-macam benda korang jumpa. Kena rajin try and error. Fanfic trailer obvious tu unlisted. Kalau nak tengok, minta link kat aku Lol dah lama benda tu. Pendrive aku yang ada khazanah photoshop dengan video dengan fanfic tu hilang ;A; kambing


  1. Assalamualaikum ;; Farah nak tanya, WLMM ni ada byk version ke sebab Farah punya takde "for computer" time nak save tu ;; help mee naafaa ~ u.u

  2. @Farah , W'salam
    rasanya takde version lain. kalau takde kat situ, ada tak kat 'save movie' sebelah button 'sign in' ?

  3. thanks sbb sharing.. Blog awak memang best and tak kedekut kongsi ilmu, hee:)


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