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Dear Nafo,
       It's been 17 years since you're born into this world. Back then, you're so derp, emotionless, feelingless and don't have to think about several problems. Now you're growing up so many things will come into your life. No one ever told you that life is easy. There's much things you have to control on your own, achieve on your own, walk on your own, stand on your own, obviously. Not every time you can rely on your parents. Don't worry when no one understands you because you have Allah. Don't worry if people look at you in a different way because they aren't yourself. It's you, you're the one who have to be your own self, create yourself in your own way. Don't worry when someone you don't even know underestimated you because they don't even have your phone number to have a problem with you. When people don't agree with your interest and you tried so hard to explain the reason you like them, don't worry because they're not in your shoes. Don't worry if there's no one who cared about you, when you fall and no one was waiting to catch you down there because you have Allah. Allah knows best.

       This past 17 years, there will be people who leave and come to you. Sometimes people who you really like will be a person you hate. Sometimes a person that you hate will eventually be a person that you like. That's so common. Nafo, anyone who ever come into your life, thanks them for being part of your life. If they'd done wrong, forgive them because you're not so perfect or so kind that you'd never done any mistake. People say, 'If you want people to forgive you, you must forgive people too'. If wrong people leave your life, be happy because it is a starter of happiness. Throwing back 17 years ago, it is so incredibly full of nostalgia, it is sad, yet happy. Even you've live for 17 years, you still feelings like doing nothing for your parents. They've done so much that you can't even count so when you gonna make them proud ? SPM. May Nabilah Faridz achieve 9A in SPM 2013. Make your parents proud. May you continue on your way to being the best you can possibly be. May you achieve your ambition to be an engineer. As long as you keep nearer to Allah, everything is going to be fine. In Shaa Allah. Happy seventeenth birthday !

- Letter to myself -

Doakan Nabilah Faridz dimudahkan menjawab soalan dalam SPM tahun 2013 dan mendapat kejayaan 9A+ . Amin ಥ 


  1. Happy birthday! Sweet seventeen <3 Goodluck SPM. Let's fight together okay fightingggg <33

    1. THANK YOU !
      SPM candidates juga ? Good luck too <3

    2. u're welcome :D yes, SPM's victim -.- hehe thanks! <3

  2. Happy birthday kak. Wish you the best for your SPM. Unnie hwaiting! :')

  3. Selamat Hari Jadi Kak Nafaa . Good luck SPM . Dan teruslah bercita-cita tinggi :D /throwshearts/

  4. HB, sorry lmbt wish., Goodluck SPM! Doakan lia jugak untuk UPSR. /throw dongwoon/


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