It's been a while, I don't know what makes me inactive in blog. Let me tell you, a college student like me love to sleep. Once I wake up, I'll think about the thing that will affect my future. Nahhhh, I don't know how to explain. This morning I've received a 'fan letter', better to mention, a best friend letter.

Idek know why I call it a letter

I believe everyone have experienced this feelings. I swear I'm so touched that there is people who still know me as a blogger. My eyes are sweating. I remember how our friendship had started. I'd always feel that our friendship won't change. The way we call each other, the way we make our conversation like a story. I miss that nickname tho, Fonso.

Pernah tak kau kawan dengan seseorang dan kau rasa persahabatan tu akan kekal macam tu, the way it was on that time. Kau kononnya boleh tengok masa depan, persahabatan ni takkan berubah tapi sebenarnya, kau yang mengubahnya. Diri sendiri yang salah. I feel bad. Aku rasa tua sangat sebab tak ada masa macam dulu. Walaupun dulu pun busy, aku gagahkan juga diri nak buat apa yang aku suka termasuk blogging. Sampailah aku jumpa Nemo. I wish I can go back to that time. When I tell everyone about my ultimate bias, I tell everything happened in my day to this silly blog, I tell my problem to my virtual friends. We're so close, right? I'd always miss myself, the old me. I'm grateful that I know these people especially you, Nemo. I'm feeling thankful to Allah. Sesungguhnya rancangan Allah tu lah yang terbaik untuk kita. Allah sebaik-baik perancang. Alhamdulillah. Aku suka cara kita kenal. Dari mana kita kenal. Aku rindu.


  1. I do. I always imagine that me and my best friend would be together like forever. But then suddenly we need to be a part and I am freaking sad. Somehow I feel you since we're student. We know how student would act right. 3K like my lecturer said. Kuliah, Kafe, and lastly Katil. i do feel you Nafaa T-T

  2. Woah, it's great to know someone who have the same thought. Yes 3K, that's what college student stick to hahaha but at the end, we miss the old us with those ppl in the past. Sad but true.


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