Daily Skincare

Hello skincare lovers! It is unusual for me to share about my daily skincare when I'm NOT that pretty and my face is NOT flawless but, I still want to share what I love! I was stucked with Nature Republic products once EXO became their official endorsement models. Yes, I'm really into EXO at that moment (entah-entah kalau EXO jadi duta qu puteh pun aku pakai qu puteh). Endorsement models are so influential till I fall in love with Nature Republic, because of the product itself, not the endorsement models anymore hehe.

So by 2013 before I entered college, I started to use Soothing & Moisture Aloe Vera 92% Gel. I really like the gel. I regularly apply the aloe vera gel at night, during bedtime. It somehow freshen my face every time I wake up in the morning. Around 2014, I started using Aloe Vera Foam Cleanser but, I change to Argan Real Nature Foam Cleanser by this year because aloe vera foam cleanser were out of stock, and it took couple of months to restock. Hence, I decided to change my foam cleanser with the same function or purpose! I wash my face with the foam cleanser twice a day, in the morning and night before sleeping. Then, I gave a try on Natural Soo 95 White Birch Mist just to keep my face fresh all the time especially in the class with aircond and my skin is constantly dry. I apply it round the clock whenever I feel my skin is drying. However, I think the face mist seems not compatible for my skin because since I wore the face mist, pimples were easily appeared on my skin so I stop using it. Ok next for foundation! It has been a week I started using CC Cream Natural Beige. I LOVE IT like truly love it. The texture is light, it isn't moist at all. I love how it suits with my skin color, it looks natural and not too fancy wearing it. I apply the cc cream when I want to go out, yes before I put face powder on my face. I only use Johnson's baby powder, I don't really like compact powder but I'm about to use Etude House's Any BB Cushion which seems fascinating.

I just get used myself with face mask. I tried character masks from The Face Shop which are cute! You may have your relaxed skincaretainment after working and stressed out for the whole day. I wear face mask once a week. If pimples appear on my skin, I'll use Tea Tree Oil from Body Shop by putting a little amount of the oil only on the pimple.

To be honest, I prefer international products (products which are well-known not only in my country) because it guarantees that it is safe to be used. Nature Republic doesn't give me an immediate or express result for brighter and flawless skin but, I'm very comfortable using it. For skincare, I suggest you to look at the quality instead of quantity which I mean, don't buy a product just to be instantly pretty like flawless face, bright, glowing skin and so on when you don't have assurance to say that the product you choose is safe for your skin. Don't be deceived by the ads. You can be pretty when you have confidence and be a girl/woman who has (beneficial) dreams in life. Last but not least, stay pretty inside and out!

Tadom Hill Resort

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

On 2nd October 2015 (Friday), my roommates and I went to Tadom Hill Resort as we're influenced by the viral of the place. I don't really like places with water but, I love nature so, I can go on with this place. I've contacted Tadom Hill Resort beforehand to make sure the passes are available on the day we go there, as you know Tadom Hill Resort receives many visitors due to the viral. Everyone wants to discover the beauty of the place including me. Alya called them several times but their phone line seems to be busy so, I decided to email them. Luckily, they replied! Their reply was very welcoming and sounds warm. No pre-booking is allowed for Day Pass of Tadom Hill Resort, entrance based on first come first serve basis as there are  limited number of visitors allowed.

We rented a Viva to go there. I'll quote the expenses on that day at the end of this post. Now continue to Tadom Hill Resort. It was quiet difficult for us to go there with annoying Waze which left us hung in the middle of the road, "You've reached your destination" WHEN WE'RE ACTUALLY IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD. I just cursed waze. Tikah drove back and forth, we tried to find where is actually the entrance road to Tadom Hill Resort with no signboard seen. Finally we saw Kampung Labohan Dagang's gate. We arrived there earlier than the opening hour. Tadom Hill Resort for me is not as exciting as it seems in the internet. At that moment, I've to agree to 'indah khabar dari rupa' like few people said. However, Tadom Hill Resort is still beautiful because of the peaceful ambience. At least I've a good first impression but, maybe the place is just opened and very new. They are still under constructions to add new activities there. Thus, there are few activities for Day Passes' visitors for now to do there. You can just picnic, camping and playing with the water, swimming... at a very limited space. For those who like adventures, you might want to try their activity packages at Tadom Base. We were very fortunate on that day because there's a group of friends who asked us if we wanted to join them as a group to get a cheaper day pass which is RM15/person for a group of 10 persons and above, RM17/person for 5-9 persons. We saved RM2 yayyyyhooo. I forgot to say thanks.

"Wei buat-buat ketawa"
these girls are so fake

Please don't get disappointed with what I said just now. Though the place is quite small and limited, there's something else that deserve a compliment. Their creativity. I even love their shower room which is very clean and neat. Bamboos everywhere, very the nature! There are so many bamboos, they decorate their facilities with bamboos which seem so nice and calm. We spent about 3 hours there. We had a simple picnic, swam and bamboo rafting. I love bamboo rafting part. I was not so confident to ride the bamboo raft at first, we took ages to balance ourselves on the bamboo raft but once we did, I just want to sit on the bamboo raft for another 10 years. So much fun. It was quiet funny to think about my fear to lake, sea or any places with large spot of water because I'm so insecure about the living things in there. You know like crocodile or piranha?! But nah, nothing in there. Please forget what I've just typed. We didn't get a chance to play the tarzan thing I don't know the name that you swing here and there, also the swing near that tarzan thing as there are so many adults at that spot. It feels like Factionless who are hesitant to approach Dauntless who play the swing and that tarzan benda apa tah so, we just back offffff. 

Another thing that I like about Tadom Hill Resort is their team, so approachable. They will approach you with warm smiles. Not forget to mention their facilities include Surau, very clean toilets, shower rooms, picnic mat, etc. Now enjoy the photosssssss. Not so many photos as we were busy playing with the water. We were afraid to lose our phone in the water so, less pictures during swimming part and no pictures during bamboo rafting, and I forgot to take pictures of their shower room :'(

...so... please lower your expectations...

Still under construction

Kalau air tu rasa masam masin sikit tu sebenarnya rasa stokin aku hiks

Rilek eh, stokin baru okay baru rasmi kat Tadom Hill Resort


Lepas berendam 2 jam

All in all, great experience and great place to escape from city hassle.

Car (Viva) : RM90/day
Day Pass: RM15/person (10 persons and above per group)

Day Pass (10am-7pm)
Weekday (Monday-Thursday)
Tadom Single               - RM18
Tadom Pack (5pax)      - RM15
Tadom Bundle (10pax) - RM12

Weekend (Friday-Sunday)
Tadom Single               - RM20
Tadom Pack (5pax)      - RM17
Tadom Bundle (10pax) - RM15

Address: Kampung Labohan Dagang, Banting, Selangor, Malaysia 
Phone:+60 3-7986 0076

[UNTOLD] Filming Day 1-6

Assalamualaikum and good evening humans! 

After more than a month without update due to hectic weeks (and laziness), here I want to share something that I want you to watch. My friends (Mira, Aida, Anis, Masz, Min, Shiro & Sya) and I had filmed a short film for Human Communication's assignment. I won't tell any gist about the short film entitled UNTOLD because I want you to watch it yourself. This short film took 6 days of filming, it was very tiring but worth the weary. It would not be this great if we don't have our Mr. Director, Anwar Azmi. There were so many locations, I'll try my best to recall everything. Those filming days were so memorable, full of tiredness, sleepless nights, fascinating moments and laughing, of course.


DAY 1 - September 5, 2015
Locations: Colmar Tropicale, Japanese Village & Selesa Hillhomes Resort

Our very first location, started the journey at 9am and arrived maybe at 10am? It was such an exciting trip because the hogwarts family were like monkeys. They were so active as usual! Singing all the time in the car, I was just being passive and innocent at the back, sleeping like most of the time. The entrance fee for Colmar Tropicale is RM13 (include GST). It was a pretty place, I've a draft about that place but don't know when to continue typing it and publish. We had just filmed simple and easy scenes, just act naturally. Laughing and talking and smiling, sort of that. It was a memorable experience because we even had a picnic at the parking lot because the food sold at Colmar Tropicale are expensive. Luckily we brought bread yeah just to fill the little part of our empty stomach. Then, we continued to the next scene which required us to change the attire. We filmed at the Japanese Village. Just a short scene. Next at 3pm, Mr.Director drove us to Selesa Hillhomes Resort. We took a rest and relaxed in the evening and continued the filming in the night like 9pm. We were so tired but, hogwarts family were still active. Aida cried once because of a scene that required her to enter the room alone. Maybe because of the room? Our room was like at the basement, so quiet and felt isolated. Mr.Director managed to find the solution! If you've watched UNTOLD, a scene where we sit at the sofa, lepaking, talking and eating fries and chicken, there is a scene where Aida enters the room. Mr.Director asked me to accompany Aida in the room because she was scared, it was unexpected! Whenever I recall about the filming days, this is one of the highlight. Shiro in one of her lines repeatedly said Dr Khai Dr Khai for hundred takes when it was actually Sir Khai. We finished the scene at 12am.

DAY 2 - September 6, 2015
Locations: Selesa Hillhomes Resort, Perdana Botanical Garden & FRIM

We started filming again at 10am, a scene at the swimming pool still at Selesa Hillhomes Resort. We checked out at 12. We continued our journey to Perdana Botanical Garden for intro of the short film. It was a huge park and we went there in the noon so, it was really hot. We almost lost our mood to continue the filming. Mr.Director suggested to film at FRIM. We just followed what's best. We also had a picnic at the FRIM's lake. It was a beautiful lake I must say! Worth the trip. Our theme for the day was white. We had filmed for the ending. We ate and enjoyed the picnic, it was a beautiful picture to be remembered. I just love how Mira came up with the picnic idea and decorated it. I JUST LOVE IT. We returned home and arrived approximately at 8pm.

DAY 3 - September 12, 2015
Locations: Desa Siswi, Shamelin Bestari Condominium, Papparich, Aeon Maluri, Bayu Condominium.

We started the filming in the morning. I forgot at what time we started the filming but, it was the busiest day ever because we have to walk from a place to another. Third day of filming was the individual scenes but, we started at Desa Siswi for the diary's scene. Then we went to one place to another for individual scenes. The last location was at Starbucks, Aeon Maluri. Nothing interesting that day except tiredness. However, worth it. I returned home earlier but the other finished filming at 8pm I think.

DAY 4 - September 13, 2015
Locations: One Shamelin Mall, Pandan Puteri Condominium.

It was Sunday, supposed to be a sleep-till-noon day. We met at 2pm at One Shamelin Mall for Masz's scene. Then, we supposed to film more scenes that day but it was raining outside. We decided to just film the last scene for the short film. It was funny when I remember the elevator scene. Mr.Director, Mira and Aida had to enter the elevator back and forth. Then the shocking expression that we had to do, it was difficult! HOW TO ACT SHOCK WHEN YOU ACTUALLY WANT TO LAUGH.

DAY 5 - September 27, 2015
Locations: Desa Siswi, Shamelin Bestari Condominium, Tanah Perkuburan Islam Taman Kosas

Again, started the filming at Desa Siswi because we missed one of the scenes where we supposed to read the diary. It was a rainy day, it was unexpected but, we continued the filming. We supposed to film the school scene that day but, Zul didn't manage to arrive at KL on time because of jammed after Raya Haji. Hence, we postponed the school scene and continued with the diary scene at the pondok taxi in the rain. Anis had time to dance in the rain, yeah. However, we enjoyed the rainy day. Oh and Min was unexpectedly cried because of the pressure to act the role hahahahahaha. Maybe because Mr.Director was acting serious that day? No, not that serious. Okay we later continued to Shamelin Bestari Condominium for the first meeting scene. Nothing fascinating. We finished the meeting scene at 6pm if I'm not mistaken. Then, Mr.Director insisted us to do a scene at the cemetery. We actually refused to do so especially me! I'd never go to cemetery, I rarely go there. But we just followed Mr.Director's request, he knows what's best for our short film so yeah. We arrived at the cemetery at 7.30pm! The cemetery is located near to residential area so... it's okay for me. What's funny, we had to go there with the only Sya's cutie pink car. None of us had a car except Sya so, 7 girls in a Myvi. We had to! We didn't have any choices haha. What's even funny, funnier and funniest, we went to the cemetery just for the walking scene in front of the cemetery, outside the gate. Just a very short scene. Mr.Director asked if any of us could entered the cemetery but, we didn't want to take any risks.

DAY 6 - October 3, 2015
Location: SMK Bintang Utara

My favorite location after all. Unfortunately, Mr.Director couldn't be there because he was working on that day. But we still had to film the scene on that day because the submission date for the short film was like another 2-3 days. Fortunately, we have Amir to film the scene! It was fun to wear the school attire again. I felt odd but, felt innocent hahaha. All white with my favorite blue color. We just enjoyed the filming here and there. Zul and Ikhwan were there that day of course since Zul was the hero. We finished the filming around 1pm? 

Here I want to say thanks to Hogwarts Family for the enjoyable filming days. Yalls always do the best to get the best outcome. Alhamdulillah we manage to get what we want. Sir Khai even asked "Nak I bagi berapa markah?". Penat letih sedih hilang macam tu je, congrats to you Hogwarts Family. Thank you Mr.Director for the no-ending knowledge during the filming days. IT'S A WRAP!

Behind the scene filming days yang lain akan menyusul kemudian

Sweetree Cafe, Korean Food, Ampang

Heavy post of pictures


This entry is specially for those who like to eat Korean food, if you're hunting for good Korean food with Halal certification that worth the trip, Sweetree Cafe is highly recommended for you! The indoor decor is very cozy and nice just like you're sitting under a tree. I really like the ambience of the cafe, so cozy like a home. 

If you asked me about the prices, I can say that the prices are slightly expensive than other Korean restaurants that I've ever been before but, they serve in a large portion. Worth the price and trip of course. If you've friends who are not kimchi-people, you can still bring them without feeling annoyed because Sweetree Cafe also have Asian and Western food in their menu. But you should suggest your not-kimchi-friends to eat Korean food at Sweetree because their food are delish and appetizing!

They gave us some simple dishes for entree which is freeeeeeeeee. I can only comment more on Jjambong because I choose to eat Jjambong and I only focus on my food whenever I eat, I didn't have time to ask my friends about their food. Their Jjambong is served with enormous of seafood which I don't really know how to eat. I'm not a seafood person. Prawns, squids, and I don't know the other names that they put in the Jjambong like banyak gila diorang sumbat binatang laut dalam jjambong tu. Jjambong for me, it was like seafood noodle or mee seafood untuk orang melayu. Yana also ordered Jjambong because she really loves seafood, Rabokgi for Tika and Alya ordered Octopus Rice. Tika said their Rabokgi 'sedap gila'. There's something that I really want to try, BINGSU! The desserts are mouthwatering, I just can't resist the temptation so, we ordered Oreo Choco Bingsu. It heavenly has luscious taste. Oh yes, no service charge, just GST as usual. Refer to pictures below, those with stars are highly recommended because of the taste!

Free entree

Coke RM3.50
Carrot Juice RM8.50
Orange Juice RM8.50
Ice Green Tea Latte RM8.50 ☆☆☆

Jjambong RM22
(tak ada bintang sebab kulit udang dia tak buangkan)

Rabokgi RM22 ☆☆☆

Octopus Rice RM25

Oreo Choco Bingsu RM15 ☆☆☆

Address: No.13 L-1.2, Jalan Ampang Putra, Taman Putra Sulaiman, Ampang 68000, KL
Tel: 03-4287 4685
Email: hitouch@naver.com


No one can deny that it is our aim to keep our skin smooth and supple for the entire day. Unfortunately, we all know that it may be impossible but with the right skin care tips, you will definitely have smooth skin in no time. As our skin is constantly exposed to harsh weathers and environment, no wonder it has become a concern for us to take into account. There are a few skin care tips that men and women will find beneficial to create a difference to their skin. First and foremost, you have to always make sure you get enough rest. An adult requires at least 7 to 9 hours of uninterrupted sleep to avoid being exhausted the next day. Lack of sleep not only drains your energy fast but also ruins the level of your hormones leading to breakouts. Besides that, you should also change your pillowcases frequently as some oil residues from our hair or face while we sleep may be transferred on your pillowcases.

Another way for achieving that smooth skin is by exfoliating at least once a week. Scrub your dead skin cells after a long week and you will definitely feel the freshness afterwards. Washing your face with just facial cleanser may feel good as well but why not scrub those dead skin cells away. However, be careful while using scrubs and apply it gentle to not irritate your skin.

You should also know the importance of water as it is recommended to wash your face every time you feel it has too much oil from a day indoors or outdoors. Just go into the bathroom for a quick splash and make sure you dry your face off gently with a towel. Do not let your face air dry as you may never know the residues left on your skin. If you do not have a towel nearby, the next alternative is to dry your face off with tissues.

CATS Cafe JB - Cats at Their Sanctuary

Assalamualaikum cat lovers! I almost gave up on posting this because of the very slow internet connection here and I'd trouble choosing the best photos. It has been awhile since I posted about cafes. The day before yesterday (27th August 2015), I went to the newest cafe in the town, CATS Cafe JB with my friend. He did the search about how to go there beforehand. Thank you for bringing me there hehe. Before this, I've put Purrfect Cat Cafe in Penang in my wishlist, a cafe that I really want to go if I visit my mom's hometown. I've been a cat lover since forever. Seems like I'm lucky enough to hear about CATS Cafe opened in JB. Information about the cafe is as below

Operation hours: 1 - 9.30 pm (closed on Wednesday)
Address: 31A, Jalan Abdul Samad, Lorong 2C, 80100 JB.
Instagram: catscafejb
Facebook: CATS Cafe JB - Cats At Their Sanctuary

The cafe is located beside Tera Thai Restaurant (if I'm not mistaken the name). We've arrived earlier so, we chose to stay for a moment at Tera Thai Restaurant. Tera Thai's owner is very friendly and approachable, she showed us her adorable kittens; Coffee, Cappuccino and Mocha. 

Let's step into the lovely CATS Cafe. Their team is so affable, they will definitely welcome you at the front door and asked you to wash your hands before entering the cafe. Of course, you can't wear your shoes inside the cafe! The ambience is cozy while the cleanliness of the cafe is superb even there are so many cats, you scarcely get to smell any unwanted smells, just none. Then, they will assist you to the table. The interior is cute, neat and adorable but, maybe they should enlarge a bit their eating table? Haha because two plates won't fit a small triangle table. Actually they do prepare a larger table for larger group of people. If you want to change your table, inform the waitress.


Of course you gotta see so many cats wandering, walking, creeping, running, looking at you with uninterested face around the cafe. Imo, that was the first time I met so many unfriendly cats hahaha. I hardly got to touch them, they will run away (i iz terasa). Gais, you can't cuddle or hold the cats, you can't force the cats to do anything such as forcing the cats to look at your camera. You can only gently touch the cats. Only the staffs can hold them. There are lots of cats, I lost the count with various rare and common species. I love the British Shorthair the most but, he seems unfriendly and scared of people (this is how one-sided love story works :')


How about the menu? They serve soups, breakfast, mains, sweets and sides in the range of RM9.90 to RM39.90 while they have coffee, chocolate, milkshakes, fizzy soda and tea for beverages from RM5.90 to 14.90. Whenever I eat at a cafe, I always unconsciously order the same dishes such as chicken chop and spaghetti so, I ordered Grilled Chicken Chop (RM21.90) while my friend ordered Carbonara (RM19.90). For beverages, we ordered the Ice Peach Tea (RM10.90) and Ice Chocolate (RM13.90). The price is reasonable and standard, normal for this kind of place so-called cafe. Food's presentation is okay. If I come across this cafe again, I would like to try their waffles and cakes. Johorean or people outside Johore especially those cats enthusiast, do visit this lovely cafe if you come to JB okay? Worth it.

I want to change my blog's url but it might be troublesome for me to change all the direct links in this blog so yeah.