Being in a Relationship?


I believe that people are aware about this trend, being in a relationship or will be more relevant to be abbreviated as couple these days. I've been realizing about it, this past few days. Sometimes when I was on Instagram, I stumble upon some ex-classmates ex-schoolmates ex-friends ex-someone-I-know-before accounts and what I can say, people change. So do I. This person who was once an introvert become extrovert, this person who was less pretty before is prettier, this person who was once nothing become something I can't expect they could be. Alhamdulillah. I'm happy to see them now.

But what really bothers me is when someone uploaded or posted about their girlfriend or boyfriend and says those sweet things that I find... sometimes funny. I don't know, I've never been in that situation. I've never been in any relationship but I admit that I'd feelings for someone before. However, now is a big NO because I'd always found those feelings and being in a relationship status is unnecessary. I don't know where can I find the importance, advantages, benefits of being in a relationship. That's why I respect people who is single, they know how to be independent.

"And We created you in pairs."
(Quran 78:8)

I'm nobody to those people but I want to express some thoughts that will you and him/her last? Can you guarantee that both of you are meant to be together, grow old together? How? I'm not being sarcastic or busy body. I'm sorry. No matter how much you've tried to stay with the same person, if you weren't meant to be together, you won't be. Because Allah has created you in pairs, He has chosen and kept someone for you so that someday, that someone will protect, care and love you because of Allah. When you are in the second series of your life (almost turning 20), what you really need to think is what will make you succeed in the future, in the Dunya and hereafter. Don't worry about not having a boyfriend/girlfriend. Don't worry about not being loved by someone you really want to be with. Don't worry about all those things that have been confirmed by Allah. There's someone out there who have no idea that they will be in your life and you also, clueless about who is going to be your life partner. Think it as a surprise and present from Allah.


  1. yeah i feel the same thing ! jodoh tu rahsia Allah..keep calm and luv our life..

  2. agreed 100% !!! XD Betul tu. janji Allah itu pasti


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