Roost Juice & Bar @ Jalan Dhoby, Johor Bahru


I've determined myself to share and post something beneficial in 2015 onwards InshaAllah. I'll share any experiences I encounter which I think, it is interesting to be shared. So yesterday I went to Jalan Dhoby in Johor Bahru with three pretty girls, Nurul, Nadiah and Hannysa. Thanks to Hannysa for bringing us there (muahciked). This is my first time went to Jalan Dhoby after about 16 years lived in Johore. I really love the environment, it feels like a 60's era where everything is classic and retro. The buildings, the road, it is preserved and I could feel the calm there. I don't know how to express those feelings. I'm just too excited and filled with astonishment. 

We are absolutely ravenous especially me and Hannysa. We didn't have our breakfast before our trip hahahaha. Thus, we've randomly chosen any cafe in Jalan Dhoby to fill our empty stomach. We searched for any cafes in Jalan Dhoby. You will find various cafes in Jalan Dhoby and most of them are nearer to each other so you can choose which and which to go. Because we are starving, we saw Roost cafe and quickly agreed to eat there. You'll be surprised once you try to open their door knob. It seems so old I swear! I hesitate to open it yet feel amazed at the same time haha.

Excuse my never-ending derp face

In front of Roost Juice and Bar

Once we step in the cafe, we sat at the seat in front of the stair and we're contained with awkwardness because the environment are so quiet (kitorang agak tak selesa masa tu tak tahu apadehal, jakun agaknya). We noticed a waiter walked down the stairs so we asked if there's more seats and tables upstairs. Oh yes, there are. We moved to upstairs and suddenly felt so young because there's old  or retro songs played (lagu zaman dulu-dulu retro gitu). But we enjoyed sitting there, it feels so cozy (sesuai sangat kalau kau nak berangan joget lagu T-ARA Roly Poly, aku taklah aku sopan ehehehehe). Differ than what we felt when we sat downstairs. This place sure be loved by fellow hipsters.

I've ordered Chicken Chop (RM13.90), Grilled Chicken Chop (RM14.90) for Hanny whereas Nadiah and Nurul ordered Mushroom Garlic Pasta (RM13.90 each). For beverages, we've ordered the Ice Chocolate (RM7.90), Ice Mocha (RM7.90), Mango Tango house juice (RM7.90)  and just a simple Sprite (RM4.90). The beverages are served in a small-looking-pail (sekali lagi kitorang jakun, excuse us). Not forget to mention that 10% service charge will be included in your order. Total up, we spent RM93.72 with joyous stomach there (happy tummy is happy!).

I don't know how long we spent our time there, maybe an hour? I would love and pleased to visit Roost Juice and Bar again. Thanks guys for the day with awesomeness! Looking forward to have an outing again hahahahaha. I had so much fun. Anyway, you guys are so cute. If you're planning to go Johor Bahru, don't forget to drop by Jalan Dhoby and explore the pre-war shop lots there, just a stone throw away from Johor Bahru City Square.

Just right after we finished our lunch, we went to Aeon Bukit Indah. I found an interesting thing to eat there. Cool Stick! I choose dark chocolate stick with vanilla flavour ice cream dipped with oreo. Just RM3, worth to try it!

At this moment baru aku sedar Johor ada tempat-tempat menarik. Jangan pandang rendah kat Johor yang kononnya membosankan hahahah ceh. Actually, there's more to be explored. 


9, Jalan Dhoby, 80000 Johor Bahru, Johor

Business hour: 
Mon - Sat : 12pm - 4pm, 6pm - 12am 
Sun : 6pm - 12am.


  1. wahhh menarik nye ice cream tu!!!kat kl tak pernah jumpa lagi laaa.....!!!teringin betul nak try hehe

    1. Nabilah pun tak jumpa lagi cool stick ni kat kl :(

  2. aduhhhh ! lapar plak tengok gambar-gambar makanan dalam entry ni. huhu Tapi part isiykrim tu, .. macam nak pergi Johor skrg je ! hehe Dah laa penggemar isiykrim sejati XD


    1. Geng suka aiskrim kalau nampak aiskrim, memang semua nak try kan? Sama lah kita (°◡°♡)


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