Am I interested with Korea?


Due to negative perspectives and assumptions on my interest (K-pop) before, I used to be assumed as someone who blindly like Korea because of Kpop, their never-ending handsome and gorgeous artists. When I like Kpop, they thought that I want to live my life in Korea and marry a Korean guy (I used to have that dream during high school, I USED TO OK) but actually, I'm not. Their assumptions really bother me and unbelievably annoying. It is very lame to think that way. Though I see Korean as a perfect figure and Korea has a fascinating culture, I always prefer my country on any ways. 

Do you want to marry a Korean guy?

Besides the fact that Korean guy won't be interested with me, I'm actually not interested to marry foreigner though I'm always envy people who got to marry a Korean like "oh how lucky they are" sort of things. I prefer to meet a guy from my own country with the same culture and religion (the most paramount thing). I will not have any problem with him, maybe the problem is less than if I dated a foreigner. I may be affected by perfect Korean guy in k-dramas but frankly typing, I only see them as a perfect guy on screen. We never know the real them. But I once met a gentleman Korean guy who said, "Ladies first" when we're queuing to buy fast food. From that, I've a good impression on Korean. Nevertheless, I believe that wherever I am, there is always one in a million perfect guy for me (that I haven't found). How you define 'perfect', it is subjective. It depends on how you think, individual's perception. As for me, a perfect guy is someone who perfectly have traits that I want in a guy like as long as he is a kind, soft-spoken, funny and caring guy, he is perfect. Good looks or face doesn't really matter. So, as long as he is compatible with me, I will like him ehehehe I don't know what on earth I'm talking about right now.

Do you want to live in Korea?

If I had ever given a chance to live in Korea, I will think thrice or more to leave my own country because I've an infinite thankfulness and love for my country. The fact that I'm growing up here, my country is like my home which is the nicest and the best place in the world. No matter wherever you go and stay, you will definitely miss your own home. Nothing more comfortable than your own home (country). So, I don't have any thoughts about living in Korea for now even though I used to have a dream to study in Korea back then. I always afraid about how outsiders think about my country and society. I will never meet understanding people more than people in my own community. Because they understand and respect my culture, religion and policy. If I live in a foreign country, they might misunderstand about all that. Then I have to struggle to make them understand. However, if I'm getting a fortune to study abroad, I will unquestionably accept that because I have a thought of exploring the world. You will never want to miss a chance of discovering what's outside.

In the end, I just want to say that please throw away those unreasonable speculations on people who is interested with Kpop when you actually don't know them. Different people, different perception. Just because they like Kpop, you assume that they want to give their all to Korea. No, I believe they will think nothing better than their own country, even there is the slightest hope to visit Korea some day. Train your mind to see the good in every situation.


I don't approve harsh comments (: