Drama Review : EXO Next Door


Title: EXO Next Door
Genre: Romance, comedy
Broadcast Channel: LINE (web drama)
Release year: 2015
Country: South Korea
No.of episodes: 16

HI everyone! I should rant about EXO Next Door before Kill Me, Heal Me drama tho because I watched this web drama just before Kill Me, Heal Me. Of course for EXO-L, this is a must-to-watch drama. Just like other EXO-L, I'm really excited when I know that LINE will cast EXO in their web drama. Well, I expect something from this drama like how it feels or how it will be if EXO is my neighbor. This web drama is surely hilarious from their very first episode. 

So Chanyeol is a cold person who wants to find back his luck when he lost his necklace given by his grandfather. He ended up staying at his old house/grandfather's house(?). He used to stay there when he is a boy. I didn't expect that he will play as a cold guy when he is actually bright and genial in real life. Chan plays his role very well. D.O. is a gentleman, soft-spoken, kind guy yeah he looks so sweet in that drama jahshsbbxajasjh he acts like the real him. Sehun and Baekhyun are a great duo to add on sense of humor. I thought that the girl, Ji Yeonhee (Moon Ga-young) is completely stranger to EXO. But she is actually Chan's childhood friend. I expect for a fangirl who is completely stranger to EXO because I want to see how is it going if we (fellow EXO-Ls) get EXO as our neighbor. I want to see a fan-exo story who don't know each other from the start. 

Cute without trying :))))

Whatever it is, the story is not boring, it is fun indeed! Their never-ending funny scenes make me watched it non-stop (it only takes 4 hours to complete this). I think I am (or we are?) just like Yeonhee who spazzzzzes over EXO oppas and acts immature when it comes to EXO. This drama pictured us (EXO-L) really well kekeke. I really love Sehun and Yeonhee's younger brother relationship. Though people see them as bromance, I see them as friends with a strong friendship (because I dislike bromance). I always excited to watch their scene because they are funny even they look childish. They are stupid but acceptable hahaha. The way Sehun called his friend 'brother' with 'brothaaaa' pronunciation is simply funny.  I can't forget their last scene in the last episode. That was unexpectedly funny and sad at the same time. I'm really touched by their friendship. 

This part tho :')

The storyline is okay, so many unexpected scenes such as Sehun told his members that Yeonhee likes Kai. How does it feel to see EXO and talk and clean their dorms and cook for them, HOW IS IT FEELS?! The dream remains a dream. OK. The ending is quiet normal and so-so. But thankfully there is no kiss scene haha. I think my review is so boring when this drama is actually great even it is a short-drama. Sorry for not really explaining the whole story. Just so you know, I re-watch this drama more than twice.

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