End of July

Today is the last day of my favorite month, July!

And here I'm still counting the days.

Another 296 days okayyyys

Stay tuned for the updates about this

(Which is next year)

A New Cat


Yes, yesterday (20th July) was my birthday. I would like to say thank you for those who had wished me a happy birthday even if you confused with my birth date. 18, 19, 20 or 21, I don't care at what date you wish, as long as in a month of July, THANK YOU SO MUCH I APPRECIATE. For me, that simple 'Happy Birthday' can literally make me feel better. I feel like, people remember me at least. Okay I've settled down my gratitude, let's go on to the title. My family has a new family member, Jackal is his name. Oh, we're in the midst of moving on due to our lost (Peah) two months ago. This Jackal is really a mischievous cat, I really hate him but then, I immersed myself in his world. I just treat him like I treat Peah. And at first, I thought that he is ugly, not that attractive. Few days later, I found that he is such a cute (and troublesome) cat. He likes to cause trouble in a playful way, maybe. Dia kuat gigit tangan dengan kaki orang sampai tahap aku nak lontar dia jauh jauh.

I thought that this bij is a female cat. Fortunately, he is 'he'. 
We prefer male cat. But still, I hate you bij.

We take care of Jackal more attentive than the days we took care of Peah. My father even love him more because everyone claims that Jackal is a unique and beautiful cat. You know, it's difficult to find that kind of cat with that color. Yakalah aku tengok dia biasa je. About his essential... we spend more on him than other cats that we'd ever have. Even Peah doesn't have a cage prepared for her! We even bought him goat's milk recommended by the pet shop. "Bagi susu kambing, jangan bagi cow milk. Nanti dia berak cair", aunty tu cakap. Our cousins recommended Equilibrio for Jackal's food but we can't find it anywhere so, we managed to buy Royal Canin instead. I will quote the price for Jackal's needs. By the way, my father named him Jackal because he looks like jackal. Excuse me, really? I don't know. CELAH MANA RUPA JACKAL. Sometimes, I liken Jackal with monkey ahahahaha because he is small and brown and hyperactive so, that's it.

Cage = RM60
Litter tray (from Mr.DIY) = RM4.30

Royal Canin (400g) = RM20.20
Yewmi Cat Milk Powder = RM15
Premium Fussie Cat litter = RM14++ (I don't remember)

Jackal, kitorang dah bagi penjagaan first class so, elok sikit eh perangai tu? Dan cepatlah membersar.