No one can deny that it is our aim to keep our skin smooth and supple for the entire day. Unfortunately, we all know that it may be impossible but with the right skin care tips, you will definitely have smooth skin in no time. As our skin is constantly exposed to harsh weathers and environment, no wonder it has become a concern for us to take into account. There are a few skin care tips that men and women will find beneficial to create a difference to their skin. First and foremost, you have to always make sure you get enough rest. An adult requires at least 7 to 9 hours of uninterrupted sleep to avoid being exhausted the next day. Lack of sleep not only drains your energy fast but also ruins the level of your hormones leading to breakouts. Besides that, you should also change your pillowcases frequently as some oil residues from our hair or face while we sleep may be transferred on your pillowcases.

Another way for achieving that smooth skin is by exfoliating at least once a week. Scrub your dead skin cells after a long week and you will definitely feel the freshness afterwards. Washing your face with just facial cleanser may feel good as well but why not scrub those dead skin cells away. However, be careful while using scrubs and apply it gentle to not irritate your skin.

You should also know the importance of water as it is recommended to wash your face every time you feel it has too much oil from a day indoors or outdoors. Just go into the bathroom for a quick splash and make sure you dry your face off gently with a towel. Do not let your face air dry as you may never know the residues left on your skin. If you do not have a towel nearby, the next alternative is to dry your face off with tissues.

CATS Cafe JB - Cats at Their Sanctuary

Assalamualaikum cat lovers! I almost gave up on posting this because of the very slow internet connection here and I'd trouble choosing the best photos. It has been awhile since I posted about cafes. The day before yesterday (27th August 2015), I went to the newest cafe in the town, CATS Cafe JB with my friend. He did the search about how to go there beforehand. Thank you for bringing me there hehe. Before this, I've put Purrfect Cat Cafe in Penang in my wishlist, a cafe that I really want to go if I visit my mom's hometown. I've been a cat lover since forever. Seems like I'm lucky enough to hear about CATS Cafe opened in JB. Information about the cafe is as below

Operation hours: 1 - 9.30 pm (closed on Wednesday)
Address: 31A, Jalan Abdul Samad, Lorong 2C, 80100 JB.
Instagram: catscafejb
Facebook: CATS Cafe JB - Cats At Their Sanctuary

The cafe is located beside Tera Thai Restaurant (if I'm not mistaken the name). We've arrived earlier so, we chose to stay for a moment at Tera Thai Restaurant. Tera Thai's owner is very friendly and approachable, she showed us her adorable kittens; Coffee, Cappuccino and Mocha. 

Let's step into the lovely CATS Cafe. Their team is so affable, they will definitely welcome you at the front door and asked you to wash your hands before entering the cafe. Of course, you can't wear your shoes inside the cafe! The ambience is cozy while the cleanliness of the cafe is superb even there are so many cats, you scarcely get to smell any unwanted smells, just none. Then, they will assist you to the table. The interior is cute, neat and adorable but, maybe they should enlarge a bit their eating table? Haha because two plates won't fit a small triangle table. Actually they do prepare a larger table for larger group of people. If you want to change your table, inform the waitress.


Of course you gotta see so many cats wandering, walking, creeping, running, looking at you with uninterested face around the cafe. Imo, that was the first time I met so many unfriendly cats hahaha. I hardly got to touch them, they will run away (i iz terasa). Gais, you can't cuddle or hold the cats, you can't force the cats to do anything such as forcing the cats to look at your camera. You can only gently touch the cats. Only the staffs can hold them. There are lots of cats, I lost the count with various rare and common species. I love the British Shorthair the most but, he seems unfriendly and scared of people (this is how one-sided love story works :')


How about the menu? They serve soups, breakfast, mains, sweets and sides in the range of RM9.90 to RM39.90 while they have coffee, chocolate, milkshakes, fizzy soda and tea for beverages from RM5.90 to 14.90. Whenever I eat at a cafe, I always unconsciously order the same dishes such as chicken chop and spaghetti so, I ordered Grilled Chicken Chop (RM21.90) while my friend ordered Carbonara (RM19.90). For beverages, we ordered the Ice Peach Tea (RM10.90) and Ice Chocolate (RM13.90). The price is reasonable and standard, normal for this kind of place so-called cafe. Food's presentation is okay. If I come across this cafe again, I would like to try their waffles and cakes. Johorean or people outside Johore especially those cats enthusiast, do visit this lovely cafe if you come to JB okay? Worth it.

I want to change my blog's url but it might be troublesome for me to change all the direct links in this blog so yeah.