Sweetree Cafe, Korean Food, Ampang

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This entry is specially for those who like to eat Korean food, if you're hunting for good Korean food with Halal certification that worth the trip, Sweetree Cafe is highly recommended for you! The indoor decor is very cozy and nice just like you're sitting under a tree. I really like the ambience of the cafe, so cozy like a home. 

If you asked me about the prices, I can say that the prices are slightly expensive than other Korean restaurants that I've ever been before but, they serve in a large portion. Worth the price and trip of course. If you've friends who are not kimchi-people, you can still bring them without feeling annoyed because Sweetree Cafe also have Asian and Western food in their menu. But you should suggest your not-kimchi-friends to eat Korean food at Sweetree because their food are delish and appetizing!

They gave us some simple dishes for entree which is freeeeeeeeee. I can only comment more on Jjambong because I choose to eat Jjambong and I only focus on my food whenever I eat, I didn't have time to ask my friends about their food. Their Jjambong is served with enormous of seafood which I don't really know how to eat. I'm not a seafood person. Prawns, squids, and I don't know the other names that they put in the Jjambong like banyak gila diorang sumbat binatang laut dalam jjambong tu. Jjambong for me, it was like seafood noodle or mee seafood untuk orang melayu. Yana also ordered Jjambong because she really loves seafood, Rabokgi for Tika and Alya ordered Octopus Rice. Tika said their Rabokgi 'sedap gila'. There's something that I really want to try, BINGSU! The desserts are mouthwatering, I just can't resist the temptation so, we ordered Oreo Choco Bingsu. It heavenly has luscious taste. Oh yes, no service charge, just GST as usual. Refer to pictures below, those with stars are highly recommended because of the taste!

Free entree

Coke RM3.50
Carrot Juice RM8.50
Orange Juice RM8.50
Ice Green Tea Latte RM8.50 ☆☆☆

Jjambong RM22
(tak ada bintang sebab kulit udang dia tak buangkan)

Rabokgi RM22 ☆☆☆

Octopus Rice RM25

Oreo Choco Bingsu RM15 ☆☆☆

Address: No.13 L-1.2, Jalan Ampang Putra, Taman Putra Sulaiman, Ampang 68000, KL
Tel: 03-4287 4685
Email: hitouch@naver.com


  1. jom g!! akk nk try jgk!! hehehehhehe

    1. Jomlah kak. Dekat je dgn rumah sewa nabilah, naik lrt je hehe

  2. nampak sedap, bolehla try lps ni


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