Tadom Hill Resort

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

On 2nd October 2015 (Friday), my roommates and I went to Tadom Hill Resort as we're influenced by the viral of the place. I don't really like places with water but, I love nature so, I can go on with this place. I've contacted Tadom Hill Resort beforehand to make sure the passes are available on the day we go there, as you know Tadom Hill Resort receives many visitors due to the viral. Everyone wants to discover the beauty of the place including me. Alya called them several times but their phone line seems to be busy so, I decided to email them. Luckily, they replied! Their reply was very welcoming and sounds warm. No pre-booking is allowed for Day Pass of Tadom Hill Resort, entrance based on first come first serve basis as there are  limited number of visitors allowed.

We rented a Viva to go there. I'll quote the expenses on that day at the end of this post. Now continue to Tadom Hill Resort. It was quiet difficult for us to go there with annoying Waze which left us hung in the middle of the road, "You've reached your destination" WHEN WE'RE ACTUALLY IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD. I just cursed waze. Tikah drove back and forth, we tried to find where is actually the entrance road to Tadom Hill Resort with no signboard seen. Finally we saw Kampung Labohan Dagang's gate. We arrived there earlier than the opening hour. Tadom Hill Resort for me is not as exciting as it seems in the internet. At that moment, I've to agree to 'indah khabar dari rupa' like few people said. However, Tadom Hill Resort is still beautiful because of the peaceful ambience. At least I've a good first impression but, maybe the place is just opened and very new. They are still under constructions to add new activities there. Thus, there are few activities for Day Passes' visitors for now to do there. You can just picnic, camping and playing with the water, swimming... at a very limited space. For those who like adventures, you might want to try their activity packages at Tadom Base. We were very fortunate on that day because there's a group of friends who asked us if we wanted to join them as a group to get a cheaper day pass which is RM15/person for a group of 10 persons and above, RM17/person for 5-9 persons. We saved RM2 yayyyyhooo. I forgot to say thanks.

"Wei buat-buat ketawa"
these girls are so fake

Please don't get disappointed with what I said just now. Though the place is quite small and limited, there's something else that deserve a compliment. Their creativity. I even love their shower room which is very clean and neat. Bamboos everywhere, very the nature! There are so many bamboos, they decorate their facilities with bamboos which seem so nice and calm. We spent about 3 hours there. We had a simple picnic, swam and bamboo rafting. I love bamboo rafting part. I was not so confident to ride the bamboo raft at first, we took ages to balance ourselves on the bamboo raft but once we did, I just want to sit on the bamboo raft for another 10 years. So much fun. It was quiet funny to think about my fear to lake, sea or any places with large spot of water because I'm so insecure about the living things in there. You know like crocodile or piranha?! But nah, nothing in there. Please forget what I've just typed. We didn't get a chance to play the tarzan thing I don't know the name that you swing here and there, also the swing near that tarzan thing as there are so many adults at that spot. It feels like Factionless who are hesitant to approach Dauntless who play the swing and that tarzan benda apa tah so, we just back offffff. 

Another thing that I like about Tadom Hill Resort is their team, so approachable. They will approach you with warm smiles. Not forget to mention their facilities include Surau, very clean toilets, shower rooms, picnic mat, etc. Now enjoy the photosssssss. Not so many photos as we were busy playing with the water. We were afraid to lose our phone in the water so, less pictures during swimming part and no pictures during bamboo rafting, and I forgot to take pictures of their shower room :'(

...so... please lower your expectations...

Still under construction

Kalau air tu rasa masam masin sikit tu sebenarnya rasa stokin aku hiks

Rilek eh, stokin baru okay baru rasmi kat Tadom Hill Resort


Lepas berendam 2 jam

All in all, great experience and great place to escape from city hassle.

Car (Viva) : RM90/day
Day Pass: RM15/person (10 persons and above per group)

Day Pass (10am-7pm)
Weekday (Monday-Thursday)
Tadom Single               - RM18
Tadom Pack (5pax)      - RM15
Tadom Bundle (10pax) - RM12

Weekend (Friday-Sunday)
Tadom Single               - RM20
Tadom Pack (5pax)      - RM17
Tadom Bundle (10pax) - RM15

Address: Kampung Labohan Dagang, Banting, Selangor, Malaysia 
Phone:+60 3-7986 0076

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