Daily Skincare

Hello skincare lovers! It is unusual for me to share about my daily skincare when I'm NOT that pretty and my face is NOT flawless but, I still want to share what I love! I was stucked with Nature Republic products once EXO became their official endorsement models. Yes, I'm really into EXO at that moment (entah-entah kalau EXO jadi duta qu puteh pun aku pakai qu puteh). Endorsement models are so influential till I fall in love with Nature Republic, because of the product itself, not the endorsement models anymore hehe.

So by 2013 before I entered college, I started to use Soothing & Moisture Aloe Vera 92% Gel. I really like the gel. I regularly apply the aloe vera gel at night, during bedtime. It somehow freshen my face every time I wake up in the morning. Around 2014, I started using Aloe Vera Foam Cleanser but, I change to Argan Real Nature Foam Cleanser by this year because aloe vera foam cleanser were out of stock, and it took couple of months to restock. Hence, I decided to change my foam cleanser with the same function or purpose! I wash my face with the foam cleanser twice a day, in the morning and night before sleeping. Then, I gave a try on Natural Soo 95 White Birch Mist just to keep my face fresh all the time especially in the class with aircond and my skin is constantly dry. I apply it round the clock whenever I feel my skin is drying. However, I think the face mist seems not compatible for my skin because since I wore the face mist, pimples were easily appeared on my skin so I stop using it. Ok next for foundation! It has been a week I started using CC Cream Natural Beige. I LOVE IT like truly love it. The texture is light, it isn't moist at all. I love how it suits with my skin color, it looks natural and not too fancy wearing it. I apply the cc cream when I want to go out, yes before I put face powder on my face. I only use Johnson's baby powder, I don't really like compact powder but I'm about to use Etude House's Any BB Cushion which seems fascinating.

I just get used myself with face mask. I tried character masks from The Face Shop which are cute! You may have your relaxed skincaretainment after working and stressed out for the whole day. I wear face mask once a week. If pimples appear on my skin, I'll use Tea Tree Oil from Body Shop by putting a little amount of the oil only on the pimple.

To be honest, I prefer international products (products which are well-known not only in my country) because it guarantees that it is safe to be used. Nature Republic doesn't give me an immediate or express result for brighter and flawless skin but, I'm very comfortable using it. For skincare, I suggest you to look at the quality instead of quantity which I mean, don't buy a product just to be instantly pretty like flawless face, bright, glowing skin and so on when you don't have assurance to say that the product you choose is safe for your skin. Don't be deceived by the ads. You can be pretty when you have confidence and be a girl/woman who has (beneficial) dreams in life. Last but not least, stay pretty inside and out!